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Here are 8 best interesting questions to ask a guy to get to know him: 36. Who or what is your nemesis? It's silly and yet broad enough every guy has an interesting answer. 37. What long shot have you taken that really paid off? Give the guy a chance to talk about when he was lucky and brave. He'll have a great story behind it. 38. What were you really into when you were younger but now think is silly If you already know him and he is comfortable with you. If he is not comfortable with you, these questions will make him shut down and not feel open around you. But if you know him well and ask them without any sort of judgment, they will make him open up in a way that will shock you. How often do you cry? Do you ever have nightmares Whether you have a budding romantic interest in someone or you just want to get to know a person a little better, read on to see a list of 21 questions to ask a guy that will help you start a conversation in a fun and casual way. 21 Questions To Ask a Guy 1. What type of food do you like

50 Deep Questions to Ask a Guy That Will Get Him Thinking. If you prefer more serious subjects that require a lot of thinking over, these 50 deep questions to ask a guy will open new horizons in getting to know each other for the two of you. 151. How would you feel about a girl who earns more money than you do? 152. Do you often talk to yourself asking yourself questions and giving answers Also, he will get to know you a bit better and he will fall in love with you just the way you're falling for him. Let him get to know you, so he can see that you are allowing him to see the hidden parts of your mind. It will make him more relaxed and he will be more open about his own opinions and it won't seem strange to him—he won't feel like he's being investigated. Just be open to whatever his answers are. Don't make faces if he tells you something that you weren. Ask him an open-ended question (see questions below) and listen intently, then follow up with an open-ended question about his answer. For example: For example: You: So, what is your favorite gaming platform Explanation: You want to see where your guy's heart is on the subject of travel. Get to know where he wants to vacation, where he has always wanted to live, and where he might go in the future. If you do not ask this question, you may be in for a nasty surprise when your guy wants to pack his bags and move to Russia one day Here are 20 fun questions to ask a guy to get to know him: 41. What kind of car did you wish you had when you were a kid? Every man loves to talk about their dream car. 42. What do you think is the hardest part about raising children? What's the one reason they wouldn't have children. 43. What's a movie you can practically quote from start to finish

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Get it out in the open now, then enjoy a judgment-free space where you both feel safe blasting your more embarrassing favorites. It'll only bring you closer. What was your last big adventure? This question gives him an opportunity to impress you with tales of his wanderings. It also lets you see what he considers to be an adventure. Is his perfect journey a fancy European wine-tasting tour, or would he rather climb sheer rock faces? Either way, you'll learn about him and a lot about you Best questions to ask a guy to get to know him. While most questions in this guide are great to get to know a guy, here are some questions that are more geared toward male identity and gender. Article continues below. A recommendation. If you want to improve your social skills, self-confidence, and ability to connect with someone, you can take our 1-minute quiz. You'll get a 100% free custom. Follow up questions to ask a guy. So you have learned the basic information about the guy, and you are curious to get to know him better. These follow up questions are great to use on a date. Some of them are light-hearted, and others are slightly more serious. Still, all of them provide you with plenty to discuss to keep the conversation flowing on your date and avoid the dreaded awkward silences Bonus: 100 Questions To Ask A Guy If You Want To Know Who He Really Is. by Samantha King. 1. What was your childhood like? 2. Did you have a close bond with your parents? 3. Do you have any brothers or sisters? 4. What was your first crush like? 5. Are you still friends with your exes? 6. If you had to describe your father, what would you tell me about him? 7. What was your biggest achievement 21 Questions to Ask a Guy to Get to Know Him Better. 1) What single factor would make the world a better place? 2) How do you recover from a bad day? 3) Have you ever gone to nightclubs before? 4) Would you adopt a child? 5) How many kids would you like to have? 6) What is the best virtue you want in a woman

Best Questions to Ask A Guy To Get To Know Him: Possible Touchy Questions. What makes you insecure? What are two things that need to change in this world? Are you pro-gun or think we need better laws? Are you pro-choice or pro-life? How do you feel about someone being Republican or Democrat? What kind of a childhood did you have One way to do that is through personal questions. So here are some questions to get to know someone for who they truly are: 1) What were the happiest moments of your childhood? 2) What does your perfect relationship look like? 3) What's the main reason you get out of bed every day? 4) What do you enjoy most doing Here's a look at some good questions to ask a guy the next time you're feeling stuck. 1. What's your all-time favorite movie that you've seen a million times Questions to Ask a Guy to Get to Know Him Why These Questions? So you like him and you want to know every single thing about him. Understandable enough. But, you're just getting to know him, so you'll have to pace yourself. Though you might want to get to the really intimate and personal questions, it's important that you build a rapport and become friends before you fire these off. The following questions will help you to get to know the kind of person that he is

Questions to ask a guy to know him deeper. There are 2 types of guys, the sensitive ones and the tough ones. Get to know a guy more and more, you need to be in his zone and he needs to have trust in you. Here's a list, you can try to ask to get your guy to trust you and tell you the tiniest secret of his life Questions to Ask a Guy As far as this answer you can determine whether it is an urban guy. If he would like to live in a kind metropolis, it is very likely that now enjoys the pace of life and nightlife. If he answers in the house in the suburb with a garden, he probably wants the children and a pet

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In a relationship, communication is always a good thing. It might not always seem necessary but if you want to be intimate, then you should be asking him these questions. This way, you will know for sure that you are on the same page as him. In fact, a guy might refrain from saying dirty things to you because he might be afraid of scaring you off. Girls are often seen as dainty and fragile. He might be afraid of saying the wrong thing and coming off as a creep or a pervert to you. But if you. After that, it gets easier to ask questions as you know him better and better. Let's dive in. Questions to Ask a Guy on a Date to Get to Know Him. Most people are nervous on their first date with someone new. You may be at a loss for what to say. Having some questions in your back pocket can make for icebreakers that warm up the date and help you get to know the guy you're with. These aren. Have courage and don't be afraid to let him know you care and that you want to know him from top to bottom. There are conversation ruts and you shouldn't overthink when they happen. Pop a simple question like How was your day today/yesterday. Such a move might save conversation and the next thing you know, you might find yourself with a ring on your finger, in a house with him, two kids and a big dog

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  1. When you're trying to get to know a guy, there may come a time when you just need to ask him some dirty questions - some REAL questions that'll excite him. 1. In your dirtiest fantasy, what am I wearing? 2
  2. See Also: Cute Things to Say to Your Boyfriend, Chemistry Jokes, Questions to Ask your Boyfriend. 43. When was the first time you got a whiff of my body odor? 44. If I'm feeling horny when you're around, do you think you'd realize it? And how do you think you'd recognize the signs? 45. If I caught you masturbating in bed, would you blush awkwardly and accept that I caught you, or would you pretend like you were just shifting your butt about on the bed
  3. Be subtle in your questions, at least at the beginning and get dirtier with each question you ask. And always remember this, avoid asking him questions that make him focus on anything other than you once you're halfway past these questions. Text him when you know he's all alone and has no plans for the night. Your focus is to seduce him into sleeping with you without ever appearing like the desperate one. Trust us, stick to these 20 step-by-step questions and we assure you, he'll be in.
  4. Don't Miss : Dirty Sexual Questions to Ask a Guy. 31. You decide to give me a full body massage, where do you start? 32. If you can describe my body with three words, how would you describe it? 33. Would you rather see me in lingerie or nothing at all? 34. Do you like when I make the first move? 35. Do you like it when I'm on top? 36
  5. Ask Him These Top 25 Funny Questions To Get Him Laughing . 1. When did you have your first kiss and who was it with? 2. If you were a waiter and a customer was a jerk , would you spit in their food? 3. What's your favorite food to eat? 4. What's your favorite type of music to listen to? 5. What's the one movie you love more than any other movie? 6. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be
  6. 113 Flirty Questions to Ask a Guy (to spice things up!) Our flirty questions to ask a guy is a subtle and fun way to ignite his interest. Whether you are texting or enjoying a date night, we have everything you need to make things spicy! Asking flirty questions is a great way to create intimacy by getting to know both him & her better
  7. The social media is a very important source to get to know a person well). Above all, it can prove to be a savior in case of your crush). You can use different types of questions to ask your crush on texts and can enjoy a great conversation with them. 1)

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  1. d. In this article, we will profile 125 personal questions you can ask a guy you.
  2. Here are 20 good questions to ask a guy to get to know him better, whether you've just met or if you're going on your 100th date. 1. What did your parents do while you were growing up? Alright,..
  3. MORE: 50 Great Questions To Ask A Guy. Knowing A Person Beyond The Mask They Wear To Society Creates True Love. Deep questions are the mechanism by which you will get to know him for the person he is, the man behind the mask he wears to society. Take The Quiz: Is He Losing Interest

Cute Questions to Ask a Guy You Like. Got a crush on a guy? Here are some questions you can ask to get to know him better and to make sure he's really the one for you. As the two of you bond, he may realize that he's developed feelings for you, too! How long have we known each other? When was your first crush By asking about his favorite workout, you will start to get to know him as a person as well. 2 If you were swimming in public and lost your trunks, what would you do

Amazing Questions to Ask a Guy: 1. What's one thing you always procrastinate on? This is a really good way to gauge how efficient someone is, and what their priorities are. We all procrastinate on some areas of our lives, and most of us feel guilty about it For those moments when you want to get closer through conversation, we've gathered a list of 60 illuminating questions to ask a partner in order to get to know them a little better. Relationship Questions 1. Do you want children? 2. Do you want to get married? 3. What do you think the most important element is in maintaining a relationship? 4. What is the No. 1 thing you look for in a partner When getting to know the guy you are interested it, it's important to have strong, cute and interesting questions to ask him to help the bond between the two of you develop. Asking all the right questions will help you get to know your crush and even help you decide if he is really someone you want to take the next step with. Here are 20 good and cute questions that you can ask the guy you like

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  1. All those questions to ask a guy on a first date are meant to give you a few glimpses of his inner self. You have things you would never compromise with as well. Well, what a better time to find out his. He will ask you the same, I'm sure, so be clear about yours. 11
  2. Another saucy question, this one might not be easy to ask when your relationship is really new, but as you start getting to know a guy better, this is a really fun flirty question to ask him. But be prepared to answer if he asks you the same one back! What is your favorite time of day to have sex? Does he prefer making love first thing in the morning? Or in the dark of night
  3. imize uncomfortable silences. Thes
  4. Your goal here is to get to know your crush or true love better. If you need a little help with a conversation starter, these questions to ask a guy over text will give you all the inspiration you need.You can always fine-tune or tweak them to make them your own
  5. Asking your boyfriend kinky and dirty questions about himself is a sure way to get to know him on a new and much deeper level. Don't shy away from asking these things because you just might discover that he's into the same things as you, and you will end up connecting on a much more stimulating level. Relationship. 310+ Romantically Cute Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend. Martha Sullivan.
  6. d. They also serve as a way to open him up to you. Some are strategic methods to open his heart. Remember asking questions can not only work as ice breaker, but they can also get the guy more involved into the conversation. 10 Funny Questions to Ask a.

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  1. 21 Questions To Ask A Guy. Have you ever heard of the 21 Questions game? If you really want to get to know your man deeper, if you want to get to know the real him, this is a game for you. It's also a fun idea to spend your date nightin. Rules are very simple; you make a list of questionsyou always wanted to ask him and then you simply ask him one by one. Of course, the only condition is.
  2. Ask for elaboration when appropriate and if your guy is particularly brief when answering a question, you may want to ask some follow-up questions to get more details. For example, if What do I need to know about your sex life? is met with a grunt and shrug, ask more questions specific to this one. If there was a movie about your sex life, what would be the defining scene? might be the.
  3. If you're on a first date or just with a new friend, these expert-approved questions from relationship coaches and therapists can help you get to know someone
  4. Below are 60 common questions you can ask your guy to turn him on without much efforts and get him in the mood instantly. 60 Dirty Questions to Ask a Guy Worth a Try. What is your personal idea of what a perfect kiss should look like? Just tell me; you don't have to show me practically. What do you think a perfect date should comprise of? Besides me, who is your dream girl? Where would you go.

You spend all this time chatting with a guy, only to meet up with him to find out he's a total dud. Here are 20 Must-Know online dating questions to ask before meeting so this doesn't keep happening. Best Online Dating Questions To Ask A Man Before Meeting For A Date . Wait. Before we get into the questions, I have to give you a warning. As a professional dating coach, I often have women. Or maybe you're looking for ways to get to know your boyfriend a little better? Either way, this list of flirty questions to ask guys will open up doors in your relationship, no matter what stage you've reached. Asking these questions can help you gain a deeper understanding of him as a person, while also developing your bond Do you know that you make me smile? Boxers or briefs? Have you fantasized about me? Next time that you're not sure what to say to your new man crush, use a fun, flirty question to ask a guy and up your dating game! Depending on the type of conversation you want or the type of connection you're building, there are more than a few here to. The best thing about these cute and fun questions to ask your boyfriend is that you can't answer them with yes or no. When you ask these questions, you'll quickly move into a meaningful question. And you'll have a little bit of fun along the way. I've put together 209 questions to ask your boyfriend. There's a lot to go.

These are some of the simple as well as funny questions to ask a guy. As I said earlier, these should not be asked during your first date, lest you want to shoo him off. However, asking these questions can help you in knowing your boyfriend or partner better. One thing you must remember is that his reaction to some of these questions will. Many guys do not love talking about themselves. This is despite the fact that there are some questions that you may want him to answer. If you are really interested in knowing more about him, you should avoid babysitting him and instead take the courage to ask all those awkward questions that he may not be ready to answer 21 Questions to Ask a Guy That Make Him Fall In Love. Let's consider 21 questions that will make your guy crush fall head over heels in love! 1. What was the happiest time in your entire life? This question forces him to recall a time in their past life when he had something special—something he misses now. But what you are actually doing.

So ask questions (about him) and combine this with statements, I'll give you some examples of that in a second. And don't send him this text every morning: Hey, did you sleep well? You want to avoid these kinds of questions as much as possible. Instead, ask him fun things. Questions that really help to get to know him on a deeper level Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend. Asking questions to your boyfriend is a lot different from a friend or someone you are just getting to know. Questions in relationship not only serve as an avenue for effective communication but give both party the opportunity to get to know each other better Naughty questions to ask a guy over text. Some sexy questions to ask your boyfriend are best when sent over text. Those freaky questions to ask a boy when sent via text give him time to think before he replies. When thinking of dirty questions to ask a guy, think of the timing to make sure you get the best response. Sexy questions to ask your.

A whole lot of fun and interesting questions to ask a guy to get him talking. More than you need so you can pick the ones you and he will enjoy the most! Article by Conversation Starters World. 25.4k. Journal Prompts Writing Prompts Conversation Starter Questions Random Conversation Starters Deep Conversation Topics Inspirierender Text Dating Questions Icebreaker Questions Slambook Questions. When you're sizing him up across the bar/restaurant table, make sure you ask him these important questions to help you decide: Some guys just aren't into using the phone a lot to text, so it's good to know upfront if you're dealing with a guy like that. It will prevent you from wondering where he's at when he doesn't text. If he's not a phone person, he should say that he.

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Who knows what this guy did to gain enemies. Egg their cars? Steal their girlfriend? Or maybe he's so sweet and likeable that he has no enemies. How cool would that be? Ask him this intense question and wait for a very exciting answer! 10. On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate me? Everybody loves to be rated, right? If you're not afraid of the truth and really want to know how he feels. So today, I wanted to share with you some questions to ask your long distance boyfriend. Especially when things get dull and you don't know what to talk about. If that happens to you, don't feel ashamed! Things like that happen. We are humans, not a chatting machine

Asking how his day was is a great way to start a conversation. If his day was good, then you can let him know yours too. But if he is having a bad day, then you can be there to listen to his problems. Give attention to how he is responding and ask him more questions accordingly. But do not start your conversation like this everyday. It will get. If you're not sure which questions to ask a guy you like, don't panic. We have 25 tried and true questions that guys will actually enjoy answering. Some are silly and some are serious, but all of them will help you get to know your crush better—and help him get to know you, too. Plus, they'll show him that you're thoughtful. Win-win Want to turn your partner on instantly? These 30 dirty questions to ask a guy (or woman), from a sex and relationship expert, will ensure better sex tonight Hello guys, being romantic is nothing wrong, and in front of thew most important person then it will be more fun. So, friends today we are going to get to know the flirty questions to ask a guy.It is every girl's dream to ask a guy about her or flirt him or something different than regular conversation

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Get to know him as a person and open the door for him to get to know you. How do you approach him? Find something (I'm sorry, anything) that you have in common—the color blue, his sneakers, that gap between his teeth—and strike up a conversation. Then hit him with the invite to do friendly activities. The idea isn't to seduce him, but to become friends, as you would with any other friend Once you get to know a guy, it's easy to let loose and begin complaining more about the negative aspects of your life. There's nothing wrong with confiding with your man about the things that bother you, but this can also be a real attraction killer. If you're constantly telling your guy about how shitty your life is, eventually, he's going to think that you don't have any control. A set of handpicked 100 questions to ask a guy is the best way to get him talking. After all communication is the key to any healthy relationship. A list of 100 questions to ask your boyfriend will help you to get to know him better before taking your relationship any further. Knowing his views, opinions and his judgments will play an important role in making an informed choice. Read on for 100 questions to ask your boyfriend before marriage or before taking any serious decisions It also helps to ask him questions. These 41 questions might give you some more insight into your new bae. They're linked to even more lists of questions and include related inquiries to help you further your conversation. Interested in more questions about romance? We have newlywed questions, relationship questions, and more. 1. If you inherited a billion dollars, what would you do with your life

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  1. These are the best deep questions to ask to get to know someone better. These deep 'get to know you questions' will shed light on their personal life and beliefs
  2. The reason why this is an awkward question is that if he tells you nothing, you will definitely understand that he is lying. This will leave him frantically searching for an answer that will not leave you upset. When was the last time that you wet your bed? No guy will ever agree that there was a time when they were wetting their bed. This is because dudes have some kind of pride that will not allow them to admit something that will put them in an embarrassing situation
  3. Dating guys can be quite a thrill and the best part is, as girls, you can absolutely have fun and send flirting signals to get him to like and attracted to you more. Dates can be a great outlet to get to know someone and even get a chance at love so always look forward when you're about to go on one! Now, to nail that perfect nail, here's a few questions to ask a guy - get to know him intimately and discover tricks to make him in hot pursuit for you
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You definitely do not want anyone to feel uncomfortable or interrogated when you are together. That is why you can make a game out of asking questions this allows you to get to know them without much effort. Having great conversations start with showing interest and then listening. Conversations are a give an take. Its good to expand on the things that they mention with their answers. This helps to provide that give and take while also showing that you were paying attention Below are 60 common questions you can ask your guy to turn him on without much efforts and get him in the mood instantly. 60 Dirty Questions to Ask a Guy Worth a Try What is your personal idea of what a perfect kiss should look like? Just tell me; you don't have to show me practically

Open-minded girls who can chat with the guy freely and can answer any of the questions asked by the guys and they ask a freaky and bold question to a guy while chatting but guys do not take it seriously and continue talking with her. Freaky questions to ask a guy can become easier when you both chat more than one time and increase understanding about several meetings on a dating Best Questions to Ask Your Friends. 1) How did we meet? 2) What is your favorite color? 3) Which star do you adore? 4) Who was your first crush? 5) How did we turn into best friends? 6) Where is your dream destination. 7) What do you hate to do? 8) Who might be your ideal life partner? 9) What's your favorite food? 10) What's your middle name Conclusion - Above in the article, we have mentioned some of the questions to ask your boyfriend, but it never means that you break someone's intimacy. A relationship does work on one basic condition, and that is respect for your partner. Asking a set of question never means exceeding your limits and asking things which you might restrict from talking about. Always do realize the fact you man can also turn things on you and ask you a counter to the question, so it can become a.

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We want to help you get to know your husband better, and share a few laughs with him in the process. We've come up with 20 fun questions to ask a guy that you can use with your husband. To get started, you can pour him his favorite drink, slide over his favorite snack, and ask away. Or, you can ask one a day at bedtime, or ask a few on your next date night. How well do you really know your husband? You're about to find out What should I ask in 21 questions? While trying to get to know someone, you can't keep asking the usual questions like what's up?, and how is your day?. You need to ask the right questions which will give you insight into the person's life and habits. You can start with basic questions, such as someone's favorite color or where they grew up. It is advised you ask small, easy questions at first to build trust

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Taking him off guard and asking him something almost rhetorical will let him know that he does make you smile and that you love it. 9) What are you favourite nicknames/pet names? Why? This question establishes what names you two may favour in calling each other while flirting. Does he prefer babe or honey? You won't know unless you dig deeper, girl Yes, these are questions to ask a boyfriend before marriage, ones that you must know about. Also be clear if there are any mental problems, anxiety issues or any difficulty that he is going through or had in the past or even if there is any mental health problem in the family. All these will affect you and your future children too 100 Questions You Should Ask Him To Really Get To Know Him. A list of 100 important questions to ask a guy you like to get to know him better and help you grow closer together. These 100 questions to ask him will help you understand his thoughts and what's important to him By talking about things you have in common, you can get to know a guy better and make a connection. Ask the guy for help with something or just say hi to start a conversation. Complimenting him is also a great way to break the ice. Ask him about his classes, his friends, and what he does for fun. Share things about yourself too, which will encourage him to open up. For example, say something like, I have a cute dog at home, and I love taking her for walks. Do you have any pets. We have 25 tried and true questions that guys will actually enjoy answering. Some are silly and some are serious, but all of them will help you get to know your crush better—and help him get to know you, too. Plus, they'll show him that you're thoughtful. Win-win. Pro tip: Don't fire these questions off one after another. You don't want to go through them all at once! Remember, it's a conversation, not an interrogation. You want to come off as thoughtful and interested, but you.

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Here are 13 things I recommend you ask your crush if you are really trying to get to know them and find out if there is potential for more. 1. What Does Your Perfect Day Look Like Receiving random calls or messages from a guy is a sign he's interested in you. Usually, they approach this by asking you seemingly innocent questions as an excuse to talk to you. If you're working together, he might ask a question about the office. He might not really care about what's going on though If you really want to get to know someone inside out, you need to ask the right questions. No matter if you're dating, meeting new people, or connecting with your co-workers, it's always helpful to have a couple of deep questions at hand that aid you in getting to know the person you are talking to. However, asking the right questions that make others reveal (intimate) details about. 90 Deep Questions to Ask a Guy. As with the get-to-know-you questions for a girl, the following list questions has the potential to reveal the true personality of the guy you are talking to. Ask follow-up questions to the answers given to you. Learn to read between the lines in his answers, as sometimes the things that are being said are. If you assure him that you are simply trying to get to know him better and in no way would you judge him from the answers, he may feel more comfortable to share his innermost secretes with you. Also, don't be too hasty in asking some of these questions. Certain questions will receive answers from a guy, if he feels secure in your relationship. If you ask them too early in a relationship, you.

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What's one thing I should know about you that's not on your profile? How did you pick your Zoosk display name? What's one saying you try to live by? Do you have any tattoos? If you got one what would you get? Are you close to your family? If you could choose a superpower what would it be? What's the nerdiest thing you're willing to admit What do you like about him/her? If you could relive the last five years of your life, what would you change? Are you a virgin? Who did you lose your virginity to? If a genie granted you 3 wishes, what would you ask for? If asked to choose between me and your friends, who would you choose? If you were a car, what kind of car would you be

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53 Great Questions To Get To Know Someone. Before diving into the list, it is important to note that not all conversation questions are alike. Questions at the beginning of a conversation with a person you don't know should be neutral and relatively easy to answer so that you can establish a basic level of comfort with one another Get to know someone better today! Janis Meredith writes Jbmthinks, a blog on sports parenting and youth sports. After being a coach's wife for 29 years and a sports parent for 21, she sees issues from both sides of the bench. Additional Get to Know You Questions: 50 Get to Know You Games and Icebreakers. 50 Funny Get to Know You Questions Who knows- but you'll surely know after asking him this intimate question. 10. Do you ever want to get married? This is definitely something you need to find out early on in the relationship- especially if the two of you are on opposite sides of the spectrum. 11. Do you ever want kids? Some guys love little munchkins while others cringe at the thought. This is another important question to. Even if not all of the questions apply to you or your partner or are appropriate for your relationship, you can pick and choose to get them having fun. Some are more on the flirty, suggestive side.

Use as conversation starters or to get to know them in an interesting way. Check out more than 600 questions to ask your crush, your love and your friends! Having good conversations will keep and make our connections stronger. The great thing about asking questions is that it's a subtle way to get to the heart of the topics that matter to you. The best part of dating is taking the time to get to know someone on a deeper level. So, if you are finally looking to settle down, here are some questions to ask a potential boyfriend or anyone you go on a date with for that matter. Heads-up: these are serious questions to ask a potential boyfriend Ok so here is the story I met this guy from my friends boyfriend, and we have been talking on text messaging and on myspace and we want to hang out but we have no idea what to do. So then today he asked me to ask him questions to get to know him better but I have no idea what to ask him. Please help. I just really want to get to know him because I really like him and he likes me and we want to. Maybe you're dabbling in the world of dating apps, and you're trying to move from that first scary text to get to know a guy enough to get him to ask you out for a coffee date.. Perhaps you've been dating a guy and want to get a little hot and steamy with your QWERTY self. Whatever your excuse, you need help coming up with sexy texts for him that will ensure this man salivates over you There are questions to ask a guy to get to know him intimately if you really want to be serious about your relationship with each other. It is just a matter of asking the right question at the right time. Did you know that there are a lot of questions that you can ask your boyfriend to get to know him better? Do you want the list of questions you can ask him? Or perhaps you wanted the right. Questions About the Past. Before you can move forward with your partner, you may be the type who wants to know about his or her past. If you're planning to be intimate or stay together for a long time (maybe even get married), you should feel comfortable asking anything you feel you should know, or whatever you're curious about.Remember, asking these questions will open the gate to your past.

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